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Propozycje zmian w regulacji prawnej przewodnictwa turystycznego
Proposals in Changes of Legal Regulations Pertaining to Tourist Guiding
Folia Turistica / Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im. B. Czecha w Krakowie, 2002, nr 13, s. 75-89
Turystyka krajowa, Usługi turystyczne, Przewodnicy turystyczni, Ustawodawstwo gospodarcze
Domestic tourism, Tourism services, Tourist guides, Economic legislation
W artykule na tle stanu regulacji prawnej przewodnictwa turystycznego w Polsce omówiono rządowy projekt zmiany ustawy o usługach turystycznych, obejmujący także zagadnienia przewodnictwa turystycznego.

The regulations of work as a tourist guide are presently controlled by the Act of 1997 on provision of tourist services and its several directives. The experiences gathered over the four years of functioning of the Act have prompted the Ministry of Economy to develop a plan introducing changes in these regulations, including partly also tourist guiding. Although the proposed changes are of minor character, they add to easier and bureaucracy limiting application of law. This pertains, among other, to confirmation of health state which allows to perform duties of a tourist guide. The proposed amendments, however, do not change the actual construction of tourist guides' vocational authorisations. Such authorisations are still to be issued by the government administration with only insignificant participation of associations representing tourist guides. Therefore, it seems worth considering to change this situation through granting tourist guides the status of professionals. The analysis of profession features presented in the subject literature leads to the conclusion that the only supplementary element required to grant tourist guides the professional status is establishing their vocational autonomy that would be entitled to give authorisations and supervise the quality of work of tourist guides. (original abstract)
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