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Bukowski Jerzy (Kolegium Gospodarki i Administracji Publicznej)
Fenomenologia i mistyka dobra u późnego Tischnera
Phenomenology and Good Mysticism in Late Tischner
Zeszyty Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie, 2006, nr 722, s. 23-30
Fenomenologia, Filozofia człowieka
Phenomenology, Human philosophy
Tischner Józef
"Józefa Tischnera nazywa się zazwyczaj filozofem spotkania (dialogu), a także twórcą filozofii dramatu." Autor analizuje istotę dobra na podstawie dwóch dzieł: "Filozofia dramatu" i "Spór o istnienie człowieka"

In his last works, Józef Tischner acknowledges the primacy of good over being in the metaphysical order. In order to fully realise perfection, an entity must come into existence. The author of The Philosophy of Drama, however, does not further explain what is the establishment of existence through good. Difficulties in understanding the author's intentions are exacerbated by the presence in his argumentation of the experience of phenomenological mysticism. He contends that agatology should precede ontology. This applies to God as well: he is the "absolute good", assuming the form of the "absolute being", and is at the same time a dramatic entity. His love of metaphor does not make a full understanding of Tischner's intentions any easier. In the later years of his life he often used the concept of giving birth, deriving it from the views of Master Eckhart. Referring to mysticism, he simultaneously attempted to remain on the stable ground of philosophy, which, however, made his arguments less clear. (original abstract)
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