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Myrcik Dariusz
System realizacji płatności bankowych "home banking"
The System of Realizing Bank Payments "Home Banking"
Prace Naukowe Akademii Ekonomicznej we Wrocławiu. Finanse i Bankowość (5), 1998, nr 776, s. 74-79, bibliogr. 8 poz.
Bankowość, Bankowość elektroniczna, Home banking, Usługi bankowe
Banking, E-banking, Home banking, Banking services
W artykule scharakteryzowano istotę działania oraz funkcje systemu "home banking". Przedstawiono również korzyści wynikających z użytkowania tego systemu.

In the last few years foreign banks in Poland enter into the competition for customers. Innovative forms of remittance introduced to the market by these banks caused the reduction of the price of customer services. They also shortened the time of transactions and increased the number of possible operations. To keep the existing customers and to gain others the banks must offer a growing range of services and offer the customers the posibility of choosing the best time and place to make a transaction. In this article the structure and functioning of "home banking" are presented. The main transactional and supplementary functions are discussed. The problems of data secrecy, safety of transaction's are also presented. The aspects of protection against: not-authorized access to data transmissions, coding data transmissions, all the information about the best methods of coding are also discussed. The advantages for customers and banks gained by using the "home banking" system are presented too, basic also the requirements which must be fulfiled by both banks and customers to perform a fast and reliable service. (original abstract)
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