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Czuba Bartłomiej, Lemański Maciej, Lesiński Jarosław
Internetowe biura maklerskie
The Internet Brokers
Debiuty Ekonomiczne, 2002, nr 2, s. 18-43, rys., tab.
Issue title
Nowe usługi finansowe w Polsce
Studium przypadku, Analiza porównawcza, Portale internetowe, Biuro maklerskie
Case study, Comparative analysis, Web portals, Broker office
Celem opracowania była analiza polskiego rynku internetowych biur maklerskich oraz porównanie rynku polskiego z amerykańskim i zachodnioeuropejskim maklerskim rynkiem biur internetowych. Opracowanie podzielone zostało na trzy części. W pierwszej analizowana była sytuacja maklerskich biur w Polsce. W drugiej części dokonana została analiza biur maklerskich świadczących usługi on-line z uwzględnieniem wirtualnych domów maklerskich. Natomiast w ostatniej części przeanalizowano rynek internetowych biur maklerskich w USA i Niemczech oraz tendencje i zmiany zachodzące na tych rynkach.

Dynamic development of financial services in internet, which has taken place for last few years, is especially significant in brokerage. The 1998 hossa connected with "new technologies" companies, which covered almost every stock market in the world popularized brokerage services provided through internet, especially in high developed countries like United States and Germany. Online facilities were created by huge and established "traditional brokers" as well as new, wholly virtual companies. In Poland pioneers of internet brokerage were traditional brokers, most often owned by commercial banks. First online services were provided in 1996. But so-called virtual brokers appeared on polish market in 2000 and their activity lasted just not much longer than one year. This paper presents the development of polish internet brokerage. The . internet brokers were dived into two groups: online services provided by traditional brokers and virtuil brokers, for whom internet is the only way of providing their services. The presentation of internet brokers in Poland is preceded by short analysis of financial situations of the wholly brokerage branch in 2001. The second part of article is a comparison of polish internet brokerage market and these services in United States and Germany. On the end there are presented advantages and disadvantages of internet brokerage and a projection of development internet brokerage in Poland. (original abstract)
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