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Mazur Zygmunt, Obrzud Jacek
Obiektowe modelowanie przepływów produkcji
Object Modelling of Production Flows
Zeszyty Naukowe / Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne, 2005, nr 3, s. 221-242, bibliogr. 17 poz.
Produkcja, Modelowanie systemowe, Symulacje komputerowe
Production, System modeling, Computing simulation
Przedstawiono model symulacyjny pozwalający na ustalenie najkorzystniejszych parametrów realizacji danego programu produkcyjnego. Wykazano przydatność modelowania symulacyjnego (opartego na technologii obiektowej) do sterowania przepływami produkcji w gniazdach wieloprzedmiotowych.

The objective of the paper was to develop a model of a multi-object cluster based on object methodology, which allows making changes to input parameters (within a certain range) without the need for redesigning the cluster structure. Once the cluster has been designed, it should accept changes to specific parameters without exerting an adverse impact on the cluster structure stability. The presented concept is based on the far-fetched generalization of the conceptual pattern, which would not be possible in the case of adopting other than an object-based approach. The implementation of this concept required the identification of class and object attributes, and assigning operations to them. The development of the functioning model also requires identifying common operations and attributes which have been assigned to a given utility. The model may be applied in solving practical problems related to production organization and management. Research problems to be solved by means of simulation include: 1) determining the most suitable parameters for the implementation of a given programme of (placing, executing) orders; 2) checking change elasticity boundaries of the input status; 3) determining the most appropriate structure for redesigning the manufacturing system; 4) determining the most appropriate organization of production space of the restructured system. (original abstract)
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