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Szczecińska Beata
The Application of the Method of Logarithm Finding in the Causal Analysis of the Financial Results of Enterprises of the Food Sector
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 2007, R. 6, nr 3, s. 99-104, bibliogr. 3 poz.
Gospodarka żywnościowa, Przedsiębiorstwo rolne, Wynik finansowy
Food economy, Agricultural enterprises, Financial performance
Analizie przyczynowej poddano wybrane przedsiębiorstwa gospodarki żywnościowej. Wyniki przeprowadzonej analizy stały się podstawą do oceny efektywności gospodarowania badanych przedsiębiorstw. Wyniki badań mogą być wykorzystane dla celów podejmowania ekonomicznie uzasadnionych decyzji oraz porównania efektywności wykorzystania zasobów przez przedsiębiorstwa o podobnym charakterze produkcji. (skróc. oryg. streszcz.)

Causal analysis facilitates to determine the cause-and-effects relations between economic phenomena in order to understand the changes and prepare decisions' fundaments about the future. In the cause analysis financial results can be calculated as the result of a multiplication of two, three or four factors. In this paper a four factors model was applied. This approach looks into the causes which influence on the level of net profits as: changes in the level of employment, changes in the equipment per employee and other quality factors as assets' productivity and sales profitability. In order to determine the influence of particular factors on the result of the analyzed phenomenon the method of logarithm finding was applied. This method provides relatively exact results. The analysis contains selected enterprises of the food sector. Based on the results managing efficiency was evaluated for analyzed enterprises. These results could be useful in the future to improve the decision making process from an economic point of view and compare levels of resources efficiency utilization of enterprises of a similar production profile. (original abstract)
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