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Będowska-Sójka Barbara (Poznań University of Economics, Poland)
Intraday CAC40, DAX and WIG20 Returns when the American Macro News is Announced
Bank i Kredyt, 2010, nr 2, s. 7-20, tab., rys., bibliogr. 15 poz.
Makroekonomia, Sytuacja makroekonomiczna, Informacja publiczna, Informacja ekonomiczna, Informacja w podejmowaniu decyzji, Indeks giełdowy, Model GARCH
Macroeconomics, Macroeconomic situation, Public information, Economic information, Information in decision making, Stock market indexes, GARCH model
We examine the reaction of the returns of CAC40, DAX and WIG20 to the periodically scheduled prominent American macroeconomic data announcements. We investigate returns and volatility dynamics at the time of news arrival as well as interdependence between series within the time of the announcements. The results suggest that the macro announcements from the U.S. market not only explain seasonality observed in these equity markets but also have a significant impact on both returns and volatility. However, the reactions to announcements are different with respect to the type of announcement. Application of dynamic conditional correlation models allows us to decompose the total impact of announcements into the reaction on the domestic market and conditional correlation between the markets. (original abstract)
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