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Kulwicki Eugeniusz (Małopolska Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomiczna w Tarnowie)
Przyczynek do teorii niepewności i ryzyka w gospodarce planowej (rozważania na marginesie toczącej się dyskusji)
A contribution to the theory of risk and uncertainty in the planned economy
Folia Oeconomica Cracoviensia, 1970, vol. 9, s. 103-120, przypisy
summ., rez.
The article discusses the problem of risk and insecurity in the planned economy. It airguas the approach represented by moist of the Polish works. The author approaches the problem of risk and insecurity from the point of view of the theory of insurance in the foreign trade. He turns his attention particularly towards the question of risk and insecurity in the process of working out and putting in practice the technical progress; then he considers the same problem in terms of micro and macro-scale (an enterprise - the national economy relationship). In the author's opinion there is a close interdependece between risk and insecurity; consequently risk caninot appear without insecurity. The author gives a definition of risk and inseciurity and discusses the reasons of insecurity dividing them into two basic groups: physical and psychosociological factors. The author assumes that risk a measurable cathegory. One of the means of the measurement is the calculus of probability. The author suggests working out a system of self-regulation of all the deviations, both positive and negative, fnom the planned value. This system, based on financial and material reserves would let to limit or even eliminate the deviations at the same time reducing the risk and the problem of responsibility for it. In cases when ithe system would be unprofitable for some economic reasons, the risk undertook ought to be strictly limited and influence favourably the values in the process of the economic growth. (original abstract)
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