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Dabaag Saddeg T. (Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie)
The Impact Budget Participation, in Manufacturing Organizations, on Budget Clarity
Prace Naukowe Akademii Ekonomicznej we Wrocławiu, 1997, nr 763, s. 215-219
Issue title
Rachunek kosztów i wyników w zarządzaniu jednostkami gospodarczymi : materiały na konferencję naukową nt. "Rachunkowość a controlling II - rachunek kosztów i wyników w zarządzaniu jednostkami gospodarczymi", Polanica Zdrój, 13-14 października 1997
Budżet, Organizacja procesów produkcyjnych, Przejrzystość finansów, Materiały konferencyjne
Budget, Organization of production processes, Transparency of finance, Conference materials
This paper searched for investigating the impact of budget participation on budget clarity in the manufacturing organizations using the correlation and regression analyses. The factory supervisors were the focus of this paper's field study. However the scope was operating budgets in the large Libyan manufacturing organizations. The review of the study variable's literature showed the significance of these variables in the manufacturing organizations. This paper resulted in the existence of strong positive relationship between the paper's variables that demonstrates the positive impact of budget participation on budget clarity. This finding supported this paper's assumption and proved it. (fragment of text)
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