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Gładysz Barbara, Kuchta Dorota
Multicriterial Examination Timetabling with Uncertain Information
Multiple Criteria Decision Making / University of Economics in Katowice, 2010, vol. 5, s. 97-111, rys., bibliogr. 11 poz.
Harmonogram, Podejście wielomodelowe, Zbiory rozmyte
Schedule, Multiple-model approach, Fuzzy sets
Korespondencja z redakcją: numeracja wpisana za zgodą redakcji (wynika z ciągłości wydawniczej serii MCDM) - brak numeracji na stronie tytułowej
We consider examination timetabling at a university. This problem has been widely treated in the literature (e.g. [1]. [8], [9]); however, we propose a new approach, which belongs to the family of robust approaches. The main obvious assumption is that two examination sessions sharing at least one student cannot be scheduled at the same time. This scheduling problem will be stated as a graph coloring problem. The stability of the solution scheduled is desirable in the sense that it remains valid also when, unexpectedly, some additional students want to take the exams, for example those who failed in earlier examination sessions. This stability is defined as the robustness of examination scheduling. In [6], [10] a probabilistic robustness measure has been proposed. We propose a fuzzy approach, similarly as in [3]. We consider three different schedule robustness measures: mean value of the fuzzy number of examination conflicts considered in [3], and two new measures, put forward in this paper: the cardinality of the fuzzy number of session conflicts and the possibility that the fuzzy number of session conflicts is 0. We also consider a multicriterial approach with the minimization of the examination session days and the maximization of schedule robustness. (original abstract)
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Full text
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