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Korovyakovsky Eugene (Petersburg State Transport University), Panova Yulia (Petersburg State Transport University), Evdokimov Ivan (Petersburg State Transport University), Tikhonova Varvara (Petersburg State Transport University)
Simulation of Transport Flows and Their Analysis
Studia Ekonomiczne / Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Katowicach, 2012, nr 121, s. 133-140, rys., bibliogr. 6 poz.
Issue title
Developing of transportation flows in 21st century supply chains
At present time the problem of traffic congestions is snowballing, especially for the marine cities. In Russia the most difficult situation on the roads is in Moscow and soon to be expected in St. Petersburg that is a main gateway from the sea. According to Strategy of seaport infrastructure development the throughput of the seaport will be dramatically increased. However, it is considered that the transport network at the hinterland will be developed not in coherence with enlargement of seaport infrastructure. The bottleneck of the road called West speed diameter could be the toll bridge. In the article the queuing system (toll bridge) was performed in AnyLogic program. The analysis of the system, that was compiled from objects of Enterprise Library, allowed to determine the performance measures like the average number of entities (lorries) in the system; the average time spent in the system, the probability the queue is full, or empty. The experiments with a system have differed from each other by the flow of lorries that were generated in accordance with the six probability functions. The analysis of the system allows to find a better way for servicing lorries, and respectively increase the amount of lorries that can be processed in the system. On the ground of provided input data, the biggest number of lorries and minimum queue were fixed in the experiment when lorries flow followed by normal probability distribution function. (fragment of text)
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