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Melnyk Kateryna (National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine)
The Peculiarities of Formation and Development of Agricultural Holdings in Ukraine
Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW w Warszawie. Problemy Rolnictwa Światowego, 2013, t. 13(28), z. 4, s. 122-130, tab., bibliogr. 9 poz.
Scientific Journal Warsaw University of Life Sciences SGGW - Problems of Word Agriculture
Rolnictwo, Holding, Integracja przedsiębiorstw, Przedsiębiorstwo rolne
Agriculture, Holding, Integration of enterprises, Agricultural enterprises
streszcz., summ.
In the article the main tendencies of the development of agricultural formations in Ukraine are generalized. Types and groups of agricultural holdings are given. The system of management and the peculiarities in the functioning of some of the biggest agricultural holdings in Ukraine are analyzed. The main positive and negative aspects of their practices are identified. The effectiveness of agricultural holdings practices is compared. Company outlets on the stock exchange are characterized and the rate of the investigation involvement by the biggest agricultural holdings of Ukraine is shown. (original abstract)
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