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Sitek Tomasz (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland), Ziółkowski Artur (Gdansk University of Technology, Poland)
"Project-Factor-Decision" Decisive Factors in it Projects and Their Impact on its Success
Information Systems in Management, 2014, vol. 3, nr 2, s. 145-155, rys., tab., bibliogr. 9 poz.
Systemy Informatyczne w Zarządzaniu
Technologia informacyjna, Zarządzanie projektem, Proces decyzyjny, Podejmowanie decyzji
Information Technology (IT), Project management, Decision proces, Decision making
The aim of this article is to indicate the need for a deepening, systematizing and codifying of the theoretical and practical knowledge on IT project management, in the area of management decision-making processes. The scope of decisions made by managers is constantly on the increase. Project managers make decisions not only within the classic triangle of constraints, which consists of a schedule, a budget and the project scope, but also in reference to a number of other problems which occur during project execution. The observed need to identify and define all the factors which are present in projects results in the identification of a finite set of variables for decision-making and for the decisions themselves and, finally, in determining their mutual correlation. (original abstract)
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