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Slajs Jan (University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic), Doucha Tomas (Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information, Prague)
Situation in the Czech Agriculture after 9 Years of EU Accession : a Research Position to Strategic Challenges for a Future Policy after 2013
Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej, 2014, nr 1, s. 116-127, tab., bibliogr. 10 poz.
Polityka rolna, Wspólna Polityka Rolna
Agricultural policy, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
Czech Republic
The presentation consists of the three parts. Part 1 presents the state of the art - the main information and conclusions from the analyses of the present Czech agriculture. Part 2 is oriented on the main long-term goals for the sector. Part 3 reflects questions related to the realisation of the strategy and to the Czech position on CAP after 2013, based on the research findings.(fragment of text)
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Full text
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