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Wiśniowski Arkadiusz
Bayesian analysis of growth using stochastic frontier model
Department of Applied Econometrics Working Papers, 2008, nr 1, 35 s., tab., bibliogr. 47 poz.
Stochastyczny model graniczny, Wzrost gospodarczy, Analiza stochastyczna, Produkcja, Zmiany technologiczne, Wnioskowanie bayesowskie
Stochastic frontier model, Economic growth, Stochastic analysis, Production, Technological change, Bayesian inference
We employ Bayesian approach to the analysis of economic growth in Poland. The results of estimation of a stochastic frontier model applied to production function of Polish voivodships in 2000 - 2004 are presented. Stochastic frontier approach allows to decompose growth into technological change, input change and efficiency change. In order to compute the posterior characteristics of the growth components we employ the Gibbs MCMC sampler. (original abstract)
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