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Mączka Lucyna (Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie)
Bilans zasobów i zapotrzebowania powierzchni inwentarskiej w indywidualnym rolnictwie
Balance of Existing and Required Livestock Housing in the Private Sector
Zeszyty Naukowe / Akademia Ekonomiczna w Krakowie, 1985, nr 200, s. 31-45, tabl.
Issue title
Prace z zakresu planowania i ekonomiki regionu
Indywidualne gospodarstwa rolne, Rolnictwo, Budynki inwentarskie
Individual arable farms, Agriculture, Farm building
rez., summ.
W artykule omówiono uproszczony bilans zasobów i zapotrzebowania powierzchni inwentarskiej. Przedstawiono analizę zasobów pomieszczeń inwentarskich oraz model ogólny zapotrzebowania.

No research to assess the demand of the private sector for building projects, inclusive of livestock housing has been carried out in Poland so far. The analysis, then, is an attempt at establishing the balance of utilization of and demand for livestock housing. The existence and disposal of farm buildings is inseperably linked with the problem of their more effective and fuller utilization, protection and possibly restoring their initial capacity, numerical evaluation of the dificiency of farm buildings requires, apart from the assessment of demands resulting from restitution also the assessment of the demand for the ostensibly new bulding projects, is the already existing farm buildings. For want of valuable statistical data no verification of the presented model has been possible. (original abstract)
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