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Safarov Adyl (Bukharskiy Tekhnologicheskiy Institut Pishchevoy i Legkoy Promyshlennosti), Gafurov Karim (Bukharskiy Tekhnologicheskiy Institut Pishchevoy i Legkoy Promyshlennosti)
Highly effective technology and technique for extraction of oils from fruit-and-vegetable stones with use of renewable energy sources
Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business, 2009, vol. 2, s. 103-105, rys., bibliogr. 4 poz.
Odnawialne źródła energii, Oleje roślinne, Technologia
Renewable energy sources, Vegetable oils, Technology
The oil extraction processes from oil-bearing cultures' seeds and stones is time and energy-intensive. The study shows that during processing kernels of oil-bearing cultures under influence of electromagnetic field the destruction process of cellar structure is intensified in 7-9 times than in existing moist-heat processing. Moreover, the process runs shorter and under comparatively low temperature regime that reduces the electric power expenses. Using electromagnetic processing of oil-bearing kernels provides increase of oil output up to 20-25% as well.(original abstract)
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