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Šterbáková Katarína (Katedra fyziky, matematiky a techniky, FHPV, PU Prešov), Belová Erika (Katedra fyziky, matematiky a techniky, FHPV, PU Prešov)
Pásmo elementárnych pokusov z elektriny a magnetizmu v mimoškolskej činnosti
The Set of Simple Experiments from Electricity and Magnetism for Children Out of the School
Humanum. Międzynarodowe Studia Społeczno-Humanistyczne, 2012, nr 9 (2), s. 363-371, rys., tab., bibliogr. 5 poz.
Humanum. International Social and Humanities Studies
Metody nauczania, Nauczanie, Dzieci szkolne, Edukacja młodzieży, Eksperyment badawczy, Fizyka
Teaching method, Teaching, School children, Youth education, Scientific experiment, Physics
The article brings the view of the nontraditional activities out of the school in Science. In the article the authors compiles the work of teachers with many active learning and looks for their place in Science. One of them is the band (strips, zone) of elementary experiments designed from electricity and magnetism for children at primary schools. To increase motivation of small kids we prepared those strips to contain of ten experiments on electricity and magnetism. The set of simple experiments can help the teachers of elementary schools with children to realize these zones during extracurricular activities, which motivate children and show them the beauty of Science and Nature. (original abstract)
Full text
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