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Ramirez Bernardo (University of Scranton Florida, USA), West Jr. Daniel J. (University of Scranton, USA)
Sustainable Cost Reductions for Community Hospitals
Nauka, Gospodarka, Społeczeństwo, 2012, nr 1 (4), s. 133-144
Szpitalnictwo, Służba zdrowia, Koszty, Koszty ochrony zdrowia
Hospital service, Health service, Costs, Health costs
Reducing operating costs and improving quality of care is important for community hospitals. Efforts to reduce costs have intensified and health care leaders are searching for ideas to implement new cost saving initiatives. This presentation will identify cost saving strategies in community hospitals and also explore how to make these efforts sustainable. Historical efforts are discussed along with new strategies for cost reduction, uncovering cost saving opportunities, promoting accountability and insuring sustainability of results.(original abstract)
Full text
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