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Breza Ján (Kramáre University Hospital, Bratislava, Slovakia), Breza, Jr. Ján (Kramáre University Hospital, Bratislava, Slovakia), Gornerová Lenka (College of Polytechnics, Jihlava, Czech Republic), Gulášová Ivica (St. Elizabeth University College of Public Health and Social Sciences, Bratislava, Slovakia)
The Importance of Health Counseling Centers in Process of Protection, Development and Support of Public Health in Slovakia
Nauka, Gospodarka, Społeczeństwo, 2012, nr 1 (4), s. 163-170
Choroby przewlekłe, Służba zdrowia, Zdrowie, Ochrona zdrowia
Chronic diseases, Health service, Health, Health care protection
Slovak Republic
Authors focus on the importance of counseling centers in health protection and in promotion and development of public health in the Slovak Republic. Health is not only one of the most important rights of every citizen, but it also an obligation to take care of it. Chronic diseases can be prevented by adopting the principles of good nutrition, sufficient physical activity and avoiding of smoking, alcohol and stress. Level of control of major risk factors, especially of hypertension, should be increased. Also the motivation for patients to eliminate their risk factors through the instruments of state policy - adequate education and the availability of better quality health care should be improved. Health counseling centers are designed for healthy people who are interested in the quantification of selected health status indicators related to cardiovascular disease, based on which is assessed the risk of cardiovascular diseases.(original abstract)
Full text
  1. J. Krak, Zhodnotenie prevalencie rizikových faktorov kardiovaskulárnych chorôb a stanovenie globálneho rizika ich vzniku v súbore klientov Poradne zdravia v Poprade [Assessment of the prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors and determination of their risks of among clients of health consultation center in Poprad], 2008.
  2. A. Egnerová, et al., Program CINDI, Integrovaný program intervencií protineinfekčným chorobám, [CINDI program, integrated program of interventions against non-communicable diseases], Národný centrum podpory zdravia a Program CINDI [National Center for Health Promotion and CINDI program] Slovensko, 1994, s. 65.
  3. I. Rovný, et al., Hygiena 1 [Hygiene vol. 1], Osveta, Martin 1998, 199 s.
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