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Ząbkowicz Anna (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Governing Economic Interests by the European Commission
Ekonomia i Prawo, 2015, t. 14, nr 1, s. 95-111, bibliogr. 23 poz.
Economics and Law
Lobbing, Grupa interesu, Gospodarka
Lobbying, Interest group, Economy
Komisja Europejska
European Commission
The paper deals with contemporary phenomenon of "Europeanization" of lobbying activities. The aim is to survey the outcome of interdisciplinary research on interest representation in the EU context, with regard to the European Commission and business representation. The subject is a matter of interest to contemporary political economy seen as search for institutional equilibrium in relations between public authorities, the market and civil society. Political and information exchange is presented as an interplay between the demand side and the supply side. Deliberately, the paper is concerned with economic interests only, leaving citizen or social interests beyond the scope. The questions posed are about organizational forms of their coordination, basic standards of access, and transparency of the EC-business relations. (original abstract)
Full text
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