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Hvizdová Eva (International School of Management ISM Slovakia in Prešov)
Religious marketing and its impact on the development of business activities in tourism
Społeczeństwo i Edukacja. Międzynarodowe Studia Humanistyczne, 2013, nr 1, s. 149-159, bibliogr. 31 poz.
Society and Education. International Humanist Studies
Religia, Marketing turystyczny, Turystyka, Turystyka biznesowa
Religion, Tourism marketing, Tourism, Business tourism
In the past, people were travelling mainly for religious purposes. The first travelers were pilgrims who traveled to places of spiritual enjoyment. In these trips, tourism services were used only partly. Today the situation is reversed. The business of tourism is not easy, but Slovakia has all the pre-requisites for its development, particularly in terms of primary supply. Secondary offer is in the business sphere of competence. It is possible to succeed in domestic and international competition in tourism industry by defining opportunities of a country, drawing potential for financial contributions from the European funds as well as from the Ministry of Culture, with the proper use of tools of religious marketing mix and quality management of human resources. The aim of this article was to highlight the growing concerns of the mo-dern phenomenon of entrepreneurial activities in the field of marketing in relation to religion. This article is a part of the solution of grant project D.C.CORPORATION Washington / USA: Reg. No. WDCC-USA/02.11/02 (author's abstract)
Full text
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