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Zangeneh Morteza (University of Tehran, Iran), Nielsen Peter (University of Aalborg, Denmark), Akram Asadolah (University of Tehran, Iran), Keyhani Alireza (University of Tehran, Iran)
A Performance Evaluation System for Agricultural Services in Agricultural Supply Chain
Management and Production Engineering Review, 2014, vol. 5, nr 3, s. 70-80, rys., tab., bibliogr. 14 poz.
Usługi rolnicze, Łańcuch dostaw, Rolnictwo
Agricultural services, Supply chain, Agriculture
The aim of this paper is comparing all possible scenarios to improve the performance of agricultural supply chain (ASC). For this purpose, at first all scenarios is discussed and the main constraints, i.e. available budget and time, is considered. In this study the drivers to improve the performance of ASC is select and distribute the best agricultural service packages in the target ASC. All discussed scenarios need a selection procedure. So a multilevel approach is developed to select the best service package for each scenario. All selection methods are based on performance measurement which had been selected in first level of the approach. Fuzzy decision making and Analytic Hierarchy Process have been used for the approach. A numerical example is solved at the end of the paper to show the capability of the approach and comparing the scenarios. (original abstract)
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