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Pohulak-Żołędowska Elżbieta (Wrocław University of Economics, Poland)
Common Resources in Open Innovation Model as the Competition Driving Agents
Ekonomia i Prawo, 2014, t. 13, nr 4, s. 559-572, rys., bibliogr. 22 poz.
Economics and Law
Przemysł biofarmaceutyczny, Innowacyjność, Współpraca, Zasoby wiedzy, Przemysł farmaceutyczny, Sfera B+R w przedsiębiorstwie, Otwarte innowacje
Biopharma industry, Innovative character, Cooperation, Knowledge resources, Pharmaceutical industry, R&D in the enterprise, Open innovation
The hereby article is addressed to the problem of innovation in new, Academia rooted industries. The traditional models of innovation seem to fail, whilst R&D activity of companies is more and more risky, and expensive. An example of pharmaceutical industry is given here. Pharmaceutical (and especially biopharmaceutical) industry widely adopts the open innovation model in order to increase innovation. Opening of the innovation process is a novelty in these industries, as the secrecy and inward research activity have been the key features of Big Pharma's success. Creation of common knowledge platform that enables the communication between researches makes the innovation environment more collaborative but also competitive. Common, open information platform lowers the cost of innovation and also, thanks to the researchers' collaborative behavior, helps to face the big challenges of contemporary societies. The collaboration on the research phase does not exclude the competition. Those are companies that compete, as the prize is profit. Commonly built resources only facilitate the competition process. (original abstract)
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