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Gluchman Martin
Islam a práva žien
Islam and the Rights of Women
Społeczeństwo i Edukacja. Międzynarodowe Studia Humanistyczne, 2011, nr 1, s. 227-235, bibliogr. 7 poz.
Society and Education. International Humanist Studies
Islam, Prawa człowieka, Małżeństwo, Godność człowieka, Rozwody, Status społeczny
Islam, Human rights, Marriage, Human dignity, Divorces, Social status
In my paper it is pointed out to the fact that Islam is one of the most important world religions but we can find out by our closer analysis that it's even fairly controversial expression of Muslims' faith at the same time. The thesis itself also offers an insight into the relations among Muslims and their relations to different cultures and religions, concerning their mutual tolerance, equality and acceptance of the others as human beings. I will proceed from the relationships of Muslims to the others to Islamic society itself, specifically social relationships and generic identity of Muslims. Here I am dealing with particular ethical and moral problems such as marriage, infantile fiancées, mixed marriages, polygamy, also the other side of marriages - divorces that are especially interesting from the point of view of their process and "forgetting" about the rights of women. Status of women is much discussed problem in Muslim society. The question of human dignity is the most often used right in this part of my topic that shows short-comings not just in juridical but also in social norms and laws. In the most extremely cases, such as in Saudi Arabia, basic human rights are denied to women and their dignity is suppressed in favor of their male spouses that has a historical background. (original abstract)
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