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Zhizhko Olena (Department of Andragogy of Pedagogical Professional Education and Adult Education´s Institute of National Pedagogical Sciences´ Academy of Ukraine)
Administration of professional education of marginalized in Mexico
Społeczeństwo i Edukacja. Międzynarodowe Studia Humanistyczne, 2013, nr 2, s. 309-315, bibliogr. 4 poz.
Society and Education. International Humanist Studies
Edukacja, Administracja uczelni, Społeczeństwo
Education, Universities administration, Society
In order to identify the mechanisms of governance in professional education of marginalized in Mexico, it was analyzed the basic activities of federal programs of training of the most vulnerables. In the context of our study are of interest the results of our analysis of the principles of the National Institute of Adult Education of Mexico (INEA), which manages the adult education. The National Institute of Adult Education of Mexico is a decentralized body of the National Federal Administration with legal representation and private property, which set in hand by presidential decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (August 31, 1981). INEA was established to develop educational programs for adults; the scientific and educational research in adult education; development and distribution of teaching materials; development and implementation of evaluation of adult education; accreditation and certification at the national level of basic education of adults and young people aged 15 years and over, who were not able to obtain the elementary level of education, which is compulsory under Article 43 of the Law on General Education [Instituto Nacional para la Educación de los Adultos]. (fragment of text)
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