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Zaremba Adam (Poznań University of Economics, Poland), Konieczka Przemysław (Warsaw School of Economics, Poland)
The Relations between Momentum, Value, Size, and Liquidity Factors and Stock Returns on the Polish Market
Optimum : studia ekonomiczne, 2014, nr 5 (71), s. 188-197, tab., bibliogr. s. 194-197
Stopa zwrotu akcji, Analiza portfelowa, Rynek kapitałowy
Stock rate of returns, Portfolio analysis, Capital market
Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie
Warsaw Stock Exchange
The paper examines the relations between selected company characteristics and common stock returns. In the paper, we concentrate on four well-recognized fundamental factors determining stock returns: momentum, value, size and liquidity. First, we review the existing literature in the field. Second, we investigate the relationship between fundamental factors and stock returns on the Polish market. Our computations are based on all companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange listed in the period 2000-12. Our research provides fresh out-of-sample evidence for momentum, value, size and liquidity premium from the Polish market. (original abstract)
The Library of Warsaw School of Economics
The Library of University of Economics in Katowice
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