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Kretter Anton (Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra), Kádeková Zdenka (Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra)
Marketing of Direct Selling of Agricultural Products
Zeszyty Naukowe SGGW w Warszawie. Polityki Europejskie, Finanse i Marketing, 2012, nr 7 (56), s. 38-44, tab., bibliogr. 6 poz.
Scientific Journals Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW. European Policies, Finance and Marketing
Produkty rolne, Sprzedaż bezpośrednia, Sprzedaż produktu, Strategia sprzedaży
Agricultural products, Direct sales, Product sales, Sales strategy
Direct selling of agricultural products means selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location without using any other organization or company. The success of direct selling is determined by the factors such as distance of the company from the homes of customers, important is also transportation network, readiness of the company for this type of selling as well as following the given rules and legislation together with respecting market potential and marketing approach of the company. Extending the activities of the company in this direction is strongly connected with utilization of marketing tools within marketing conception. Success of this activity is influenced by recognition of motivation as well as other conditions for direct selling of agricultural products from original producer. (original abstract)
Full text
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