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Данилова Вера С.
Фундаментальные онтологические слои природы и соответствующая им система координат на основе предельных динамических равновесий
Fundamental ontological layes of the nature and the coordinate system on the basis of limit dynamical quilibrium
Społeczeństwo i Edukacja. Międzynarodowe Studia Humanistyczne, 2012, nr 2, s. 85-90, bibliogr. 3 poz.
Society and Education. International Humanist Studies
Filozofia, Ontologia
Philosophy, Ontology
Our conception is fundamentally different from the former one because we start from the fundamental relative equilibrium, as though we shield all the previous levels of the world, about which we know nothing. All existing processes are balanced by appropriate "limiting boundary surface". Beyond the unknown world remain the fundamental equilibrium quantities that are responses to that part of the world that is around us. The formula of the natural coordinate system is as follows. "One should identify two unequal parts in the real world. On the one hand, these dynamic equilibria are united in interrelated chains. The equilibria were created by the same laws at all levels of organization of the world. One could identify all the other non-equilibrium processes and phenomena on the other hand". Any natural formation interactions with the dynamic equilibria are based on the fact that all natural formations tend to limit the fundamental equilibrium that is unreachable. In the article we consider the ontological levels of the world, which are comparable to "vacuum, inertial systems, thermodynamic equilibria, spirituality", equilibrium parameters of which are well identified. "A man of networks" - is the nearest stage of human and mankind evolution, this is the only way for the mankind to maintain its real existence. (original abstract)
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