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Bušina Filip
Personnel Management in the Building Industry.
Kwartalnik Kolegium Ekonomiczno-Społecznego Studia i Prace / Szkoła Główna Handlowa, 2014, nr 3, s. 11-30, wykr.
Przemysł budowlany, Zasoby ludzkie, Zarządzanie personelem, Efektywność zarządzania
Construction industry, Human resources, Personnel management, Management effectiveness
The aim of the text is to present various approaches towards personnel management in the building industry. The difference in the analysed approaches is partially caused by the fact that sectors within building industry also differ substantially. The paper is divided into five sections dealing among others with personnel management and its efficiency, tools used to measure and improve personnel management efficiency and characteristics of specific problems of personnel management. The principle methods of inquiry used in the text include literature study and case study. The author stresses the fact that construction industry is demanding in terms of personnel management, as it has to deal with special requirements stemming from employment area, including: the seasonal nature of the building works, spasmodic nature of works on individual projects, required qualification of workers in the building industry, building technology and system operations. The author concludes that due to constantly changing environment the building industry uses flexible personnel work systems and that the challenge is to adapt the personnel management system efficiency to the variable environment and make the building industry personnel management flexible. (original abstract)
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