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Wronka Jerzy (Uniwersytet Szczeciński)
Dostępność do usług w transporcie publicznym na przykładzie województwa zachodniopomorskiego
Accessibility of Services in Public Transport an Example of Western Pomeranian Voivodship
Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług, 2009, nr 33, s. 245-257, tab., bibliogr. 4 poz.
Issue title
Dostępność transportowa: aspekty teoretyczne i praktyczne
Usługi transportowe, Transport publiczny
Transport services, Public transport
Rynek zachodniopomorskich przewozów osób regionalnym transportem publicznym szacuje się na 63 mln pasażerów i jest on o 16,5 mln (35%) większy niż wielkości podawane w oficjalnej statystyce. Średnia odległość przewozu 1 pasażera wszystkimi środkami transportu wynosiła 47 km, w tym: pociągami osobowymi - 47 km, pociągami pospiesznymi - 190 km, autobusami - 32 km, minibusami - 118 km.(fragment tekstu)

Increased use of public transport is one of the keys to sustainable mobility. Achieving this increase depends on linking all services and modes of transport in ways that also create better living conditions with less air and noise pollution, and less use of land and energy. Buses, trams and trains can provide quick, safe, cheap, noise abating, environmentally sound and comfortable ways to travelling. Easy-to-follow information on fares, timetables, routes and services is essential to making public transport more accessible and attractive. It is not enough to provide information for individual bus or rail routes, because passengers need to be able to plan and carry out journeys from A to B by a variety of services and modes. Therefore, information for passengers should be multimodal and area wide. Good accessibility to stations, stops and vehicles is impor-tant in lowering resistance to travelling by public transport. Those issues are presented and analyse on an example of western Pomeranian voivodship in article. The special focus is on the range, accessibility and quality of services provided by bus and rail means of public transport in the region. In article there are also presented the concept of creation of the nodes integrating public transport system and the competences of self-government authorities in creation of integrated public transport market.(original abstract)
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