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Uścińska Gertruda (Institute of Labour and Social Studies, Warsaw, Poland; University of Warsaw)
Social Rights in the Polish Social Security Scheme : the Scope of Individualisation
Polityka Społeczna, 2010, nr 1 (ang), s. 34-40, bibliogr. 11 poz.
Issue title
Individualisation of Social Rights Social Rights : Individual or Derived?
Bezpieczeństwo socjalne, Świadczenia socjalne, System opieki społecznej, Regulacje prawne
Social security, Social benefits, Social services system, Legal regulations
Assuming that the individualisation of social rights amounts to the replacement of the derived rights (le droits derives) based on family relations, marriage or other personal links with the proper, individual rights (le droits propres), it can be stated that the social security legislation in the European context is characterized by a certain level of individualisation of social rights. It is a complex task to determine to what extent this individualization follows from a conscious strategy on the part of legislators and to what extent it is an effect of numerous transformations due to the social, economic and political changes influencing the social security models. In the legal doctrine there is a lack of any theoretical studies on the subject, which would definitely help to research and conceptualize this phenomenon. In the current legal framework some individual rights granted to a person as a human being can be identified, while some derived rights based on the fact of being a family member, a spouse or a child are also discernible. The balance between those two categories differs among national legislations; both types of rights are completing each other in order to ensure a system of coherent social protection within the social security scheme. The rights are exercised after the fulfillment of qualifying conditions stated in relevant legal provisions, among which also the family situation and personal context are inspected in order to determine the individual right to a benefit. (fragment of text)
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Full text
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