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Tikkiwal G.C. (Jai Narain Vyas University, India), Rai Piyush Kant (Banasthali University)
A Composite Estimator for Small Domains and Its Sensitivity Interval for Weights α
Statistics in Transition, 2009, vol. 10, nr 2, s. 269-275, bibliogr. s. 274-275
Statystyka małych obszarów, Metody statystyczne, Estymacja
Small area estimates, Statistical methods, Estimation
The composite estimation methods, suggested in the literature, have major problems to deal with the estimation of optimum weights to combine synthetic and direct estimators. To take care of the absence of optimum weights, we have obtained the sensible interval of involved weights in the form of better performance interval of the weights with a view to retaining superiority for the different composite estimators i.e. for the direct ratio vs. synthetic ratio composite estimator and simple direct vs. synthetic ratio composite estimator. (original abstract)
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