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Cierpiał-Wolan Marek
Directions for Development of Transborder Areas - State and Prospects
Statistics in Transition, 2011, vol. 12, nr 3, s. 537-545, rys., bibliogr. s. 545
Statystyka publiczna, Region przygraniczny, Statystyka regionalna
Public statistics, Border areas, Regional statistics
summ., Materiały z międzynarodowej konferencji: Development of the European Statistical System within Eastern Partnership - Directions and Strategy 2011, Kraków.
The processes of integration in Europe cause the need for more and more information concerning transborder areas, thereby growing interest in regional statistics. The reason for this is mainly changes of functions of the borders caused by globalization process. The need for using the results of transborder surveys on the micro-mezo-macroeconomic level gives rise to establishing a consistent research system for these areas. Despite efforts of several international institutions, there still exist problems with lack of information on particular levels of aggregation as well as with data comparability level in individual countries. As a consequence, there is still a need for identification of major research areas and discussion on important methodological aspects relating to transborder areas. (original abstract)
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Full text
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