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Kollár Roman (University of Health and Social Work sv. Alžbety in Bratislava, Slovakia)
Aplikovaný výskum Paula F. Lazarsfelda a Helen Dinermanovej o poslucháčkach rozhlasu
Paul F. Lazarsfeld´s and Helen Dinerman´s Applied Research on Radio Listeners
Humanum. Międzynarodowe Studia Społeczno-Humanistyczne, 2015, nr 17 (2), s. 47-52, bibliogr. 5 poz.
Humanum. International Social and Humanities Studies
Radiofonia, Programy radiowe, Komunikowanie społeczne, Media
Radio broadcasting, Radio auditions, Social communication, Media
The paper deals with Paul F. Lazarsfeld´s and Helen Dinerman´s applied research on radio listeners. The research was conducted in 1944 for National Broadcasting Company which wished attracts a larger women´s audience. A total sample of 2650 respondents from New York, Cleveland, Chicago and Kansas City were interviewed toward their listening habits. The statistical analysis of data led authors to a classification of morning audience on nonlisteners, story audience and other listeners. The study presents Lazarsfeld´s and Dinerman´s methodology, findings and a list of recommendations for radio managers how to attract a larger women´s audience for their broadcasting.(original abstract)
Full text
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