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Mrozowicki Adam (Uniwersytet Wrocławski)
Book review : Czarzasty, Jan (ed.), Rokowania zbiorowe w cieniu globalizacji. Rola i miejsce związków zawodowych w korporacjach ponadnarodowych (Collective Bargaining in the Shadow of Globalization. The Role of Trade Unions in Multinational Corporations), Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar: 2014: 215: ISBN 978-83-7383-737-9
Warsaw Forum of Economic Sociology, 2015, vol. 6, nr 1 (11), s. 165-169
Due to the central role multinational corporations (MNCs) in Central and Eastern Europe, there is a growing body of research which explores the specificity of their employment relations from a comparative perspective. The problems discussed in the literature include, among others, the diffusion of managerial and employment practices of MNCs in host countries, the scope of their adaptation to local employment standards, as well as the perspectives of the institutionalisation of transnational union solidarity and social dialogue. While the majority of the existing books and articles are based on the case study method exploring individual company cases in selected sectors, the combination of case studies with cross-sectoral quantitative surveys and institutional-legal analysis is rare. Even less research results is published in national languages other than English which constitutes a considerable barrier in the dissemination of knowledge to a wider audience of academics and practitioners at the national level. It is also exceptionally rare that the books are co-authored by both scientists and trade union experts. (fragment of text)
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