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Kolud Katarzyna (The Beskidy Education Society, Bielsko-Biała, Poland)
Organizational Competencies and the Scope of Contracting Out in Outsourcing Implementation on the Example of a Budget Housing Management Entity
Business and Non-profit Organizations Facing Increased Competition and Growing Customers' Demands, 2011, vol. 10, s. 50-74, tab., bibliogr. 18 poz.
Zarządzanie nieruchomościami, Nieruchomości mieszkaniowe, Kompetencje, Outsourcing, Budownictwo społeczne
Real estate management, Real estate housing, Competences, Outsourcing, Social construction
The purpose of this article is to analyze the problem of core competencies in determining the scope of elimination in outsourcing implementation in a budget housing entity. In this case, the protection of core competencies is not strategically important because of specificity of the housing resources and its social and intervention nature, intended to meet the housing needs of families with low or very low income. The budget housing entity does not need to maintain competitiveness in all its business areas and some of them may be transferred to external suppliers. (original abstract)
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