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Jankowska Justyna (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie)
Psychological insights into decision-making
Edukacja Ekonomistów i Menedżerów : problemy, innowacje, projekty, 2016, nr 4 (42), s. 129-139, rys., bibliogr. 13 poz.
Education of Economists and Managers : problems, innovations, projects
Podejmowanie decyzji, Psychologia decyzji, Teoria gier, Umysł ludzki, Metody heurystyczne
Decision making, Decision psychology, Game theory, Human mind, Heuristics methods
This paper considers the widely approached problem of how individuals and groups make economic decisions. The author's belief is that the answer to this question is highly interdisciplinary and lies not only in areas of study such as microeconomic theory and organisational behaviour, but also psychology, neuroscience and ethics. The author attempts to summarise a few chosen, existing models, which can help analyse both logical and psychological aspects of the process, and mentions a new, rising interdisciplinary field of neuroeconomics, which offers high potential for construction of new decision-making models in the future. (original abstract)
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