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Dworzecki Zbigniew (Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie), Leśniak-Łebkowska Grażyna (Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie)
Strategic responses of the Polish holdings to the 2008-2013 crisis
Journal of Management and Financial Sciences, 2016, vol. 9, nr 24, s. 39-50, bibliogr. 6 poz.
Zarządzanie strategiczne, Zarządzanie holdingiem, Kryzys gospodarczy
Strategic management, Holding management, Economic crisis
This article presents the follow-up research results aimed at identifying the strategic responses of the Polish holdings towards the 2008-2013 crisis, based on the quantitative data on 128 holdings, eventually verifying empirically grounded hypotheses from the prior qualitative stage of investigation. The main focus was put on the changes in the industry portfolio scope, the changes in product and market strategies, especially in geographical expansion and revenue streams from their international business activities as well as the change of leading competitive advantage and functions of the holdings in reaction to the perceived crisis. The research findings show the relatively weak or moderate impact of the crisis on the overall performance of holdings which refrained them from undertaking radical shifts in strategy. The crisis made some holdings optimize costs, improve quality, elevate clients' satisfaction level, build a brand image of their companies and their products. Successful experiments with diversification encouraged the continuation of this growth strategy. Value chains, foreign markets and organizational concept changes were relatively rare. (original abstract)
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