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Koutinas Athanasios (University of Patras, Patras, Greece), Bosnea Loulouda (University of Patras, Patras, Greece)
Combining Economics and Management of a Modern Technological Area in a Joint Interdisciplinary Graduate Program
Scientific Publications / University of Economics in Katowice. Economics and management in information technology context : international week, 2017, s. 141-150, tab., bibliogr. 3 poz.
Ekonomia, Zarządzanie, Nauka, Żywność modyfikowana genetycznie, Kształcenie
Economics, Management, Science, Genetically modified food, Education
Rosja, Francja, Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki
Russia, France, United States of America (USA)
A joint graduate program is proposed to connect Economics and Management with a modern area of Science and Technology. Specifically, the program aim to be an internationally recognized program of graduate education and research in the fields of DNA economics that would combine the production and exploitation of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) for food production, with economics and management. This graduate program would offer a study program leading to the degree of a Master of Science (MSc) by Academic Departments of Economics in Collaboration with a Department of Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. It is proposed that the curriculum would contain a total of 4 semesters, where the first 2 Semesters would include teaching of 8 modules on the areas of Food Biotechnology, Economics and Management while, at the 3rd and 4th semesters students would work on their thesis in the area of DNA economy. The employability of graduates and the reasons of developing an interdisciplinary MSc curriculum that joins economy and science are also examined. Furthermore, this article provides an explanation of DNA economy including other areas of DNA economy for establishing similar innovative graduate programs. Specifically, those areas could be associated with the developing sustainable economy that aims to substitute oil economy. (original abstract)
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