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Gurgul Gabriela (WSB Universities in Poznań, Poland)
Surveys on Preferences of Retail Customers in Selection of Commercial Banks
Business and Non-profit Organizations Facing Increased Competition and Growing Customers' Demands, 2017, vol. 16, s. 363-374, rys., bibliogr. 5 poz.
Banki, Konkurencja, Przewaga konkurencyjna
Banks, Competition, Competitive advantage
The situation on the market of financial services and the economical environment of the country cause changes of current competition strategies used by commercial banks. Banks sharpen the policy of the access to services and eliminate free services, while, in the public opinion, these are essential factors for selection of a bank by retail customers. The aim of this article is to present factors having an influence on the selection of bank by retail customers, which, in turn, have a great influence on the selection of competition methods used by commercial banks. The analysis of results obtained thanks to used research methods reveal that currently, banks introduce changes in areas which were the most essential for clients as far as the selection of a bank is concerned. People having an experience in finances and banking especially focus in the process of the customer service on image, advertising, and opinions about a bank. On the other hand, ordinary clients exclude from their opinions the essence of advertisements, the general image of a bank and several factors influencing the quality character of products. For a typical customer, an important role is played mainly by a location, bank's availability, safety, confidentiality and costs of services. The above may indicate that current changes will have a negative influence on the competitiveness of banks and, in turn, can have a temporary character until "the fight" over clients needs to be started again. (original abstract)
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