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Banasik Mirosław (Akademia Obrony Narodowej)
Unrestricted Warfare and its Consequences for the International Security
Przedsiębiorczość i Zarządzanie, 2016, t. 17, z. 5, cz. 3, s. 265-279, bibliogr. 32 poz.
Entrepreneurship and Management
Issue title
Bezpieczeństwo i zarządzanie kryzysowe - bezpieczeństwo i obronność państwa
Konflikty zbrojne, Bezpieczeństwo międzynarodowe
Armed conflicts, International security
The purpose of the article is to explain the significance of the unrestricted warfare led nowadays in consequence to fulfill revisionist ambitions of some states in the world and consequences of that for the international security. Current course of wars, including unrestricted wars, is diverging much from the described theory of the phenomenon. The article shows the terminological dilemmas concerning the category of wars and against their background identify of the unrestricted warfare. It concentrates on the unrestricted warfare theory explanation and describes its evolution. (original abstract)
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