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Martyniuk Olga (University of Gdansk, Poland), Gierusz Anna (University of Gdansk, Poland)
Location Behavior of Family Firms - Evidence of Poland
Przedsiębiorczość i Zarządzanie, 2016, t. 17, z. 6, cz. 2, s. 283-295, bibliogr. 10 poz.
Entrepreneurship and Management
Issue title
Firmy rodzinne - wyzwania współczesności
Przedsiębiorstwo rodzinne
Family-owned business
summ., The article has been financed by the funds from the National Science Centre under the UMO-2013/09/B/HS4/01175 contract.
The choice of the location for a company is one of the most important strategic decisions of an enterprise. In family businesses, strategic targets most commonly combine the company's development with the interests of the family. This article aims to compare the factors influencing the location decisions of family and non-family enterprises. It seems, that due to the specificity of family businesses, factors of a personal nature (associated with the person making the decision and his/her family) will have greater significance, while in non-family businesses - the factors of a cost nature. The results of the study on 251 Polish entities from the SME sector, presented in the paper, confirm that in the case of family business, when deciding on the place for their business activity, majority choses a location near the place of the owners' residence. Another significant factor is family considerations e.g. the ease of accommodating childcare with work. An increased significance of the cost factors for non-family entities was not confirmed. (original abstract)
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