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Grzegorzewska Emilia (Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie)
Selected Methods of Curbing Risk in Agricultural Activity
Intercathedra, 2014, nr 30(4), s. 25-29, tab.,rys., bibliogr.15 poz.
Rolnictwo, Ryzyko, Zarządzanie ryzykiem
Agriculture, Risk, Risk management
Risk accompanies every economic activity. In view of the dependence of agriculture on the difficult to predict and impossible to control natural and climatic conditions agricultural activity is characterised by extraordinary level of risk. On account of that the article discusses risk in agricultural activity. The paper presents a review of risk classification peculiar to the sector. Moreover, the article discusses the process of risk management in agriculture and selected methods of curbing the phenomenon.(original abstract)
Full text
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