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Malinowska Paulina (Poznań University of Economics, Poland)
The Impact of Selected Elements and Features of Unit Packages of Dermocosmetic Products on Product Perception pnd Purchase Decisions Taken by Consumers
Intercathedra, 2015, nr 31(2), s. 35-42, rys., tab., wykr., bibliogr. 5 poz.
Opakowania, Promocyjna funkcja opakowania, Kosmetyki, Przemysł kosmetyczny
Packaging, Promotional function of packaging, Cosmetics, Cosmetic industry
The aim of this study was to identify the role of unit packages as the factors determining the purchase of certain dermocosmetic products for face care, and to assess the impact of various elements and features of dermocosmetic product packages on product perception and purchase decisions taken by consumers. A direct personal interview survey, conducted at the turn of March and April 2015 in the Wielkopolskie Province, covered a group of 150 female consumers making regular purchases of dermocosmetic products. The survey has revealed that the features and properties of dermocosmetic products, as well as their perceived quality, habits (product use experience), recommendations by a dermatologist/beautician, brand and price are the most important factors mentioned by the respondents. The packaging, therefore, is not seen as one of the major purchase determinants. While shopping, consumers tend to focus on and take into consideration the following major constituents and features of unit packages of dermocosmetic products: the possibility to effectively protect the product in use, functionality, label information, safety in relation to the product and quality of workmanship/aesthetic aspects. The kind of direct packaging is also of essence as consumers tend to opt for glass jars, as well as glass and plastic bottles with pump dispensers. The quality-related problems encountered by the respondents while using dermocosmetic products included the inability to remove the whole package content, misleading package size, use difficulties, inconvenient package shape/form and unsuitable capacity.(original abstract)
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