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Vlosky Richard (Louisiana State University Louisiana, USA), Tasdemir Cagatay (Purdue University Indiana, USA), Gazo Rado (Purdue University Indiana, USA), Cassens Daniel (Purdue University Indiana, USA)
The U.S. Value-Added Wood Product Sector and Certification over Time: 2001, 2007&2014
Intercathedra, 2015, nr 31(2), s. 110-116, tab., wykr. bibliogr. 5 poz.
Inżynieria produkcji, Organizacja produkcji, Produkcja, Przemysł drzewny
Production engineering, Organisation of production, Production, Wood industry
Environmental certification of forest products and forestry practices continues to proliferate globally. In response to environmental concerns, some environmental organizations, retailers and wood products companies are developing standards to encourage consumers to purchase wood originating from certified sustainable forests. These efforts are intended to counter the perceptions that forest practices may damage the environment. In this study, we examine Chainof- Custody certification used by value-added wood product manufacturers (e.g. furniture, flooring, doors, cabinets, flooring, and millwork) in the U.S. over time. A questionnaire was sent to companies in 2001, 2007, and 2014 that focused on company certification, awareness, perceptions and participation. Results show that participation in certification by respondents have increased over 650 percent over the past 14 years and is expected to increase in the future.(original abstract)
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