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Wiśniewska Joanna (Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland)
The Concept of Sustainable Development in Agribusiness
Intercathedra, 2015, nr 31(3), s. 104-113, tab., bibliogr. 20 poz.
Rozwój zrównoważony, Agrobiznes, Rolnictwo zrównoważone, Bezpieczeństwo zdrowotne żywności
Sustainable development, Agrobusiness, Sustainable agriculture, Food health safety
The concept of sustainable agribusiness is a response to ecological, social and health threats in modern society caused by globalization and economic growth. Agribusiness is one of the world's largest manufacturing sectors in terms of output value, employment and international trade. It comprises of: pre-production industries, agriculture, food processing, distribution and trade. The main function of agribusiness is to produce sufficient quantity and quality food to maintain healthy population. Food security and biodiversity are immediate results of sustainable development in agribusiness. During last decades it has become evident that economic and technological development in agribusiness has not only environmental, social and institutional influence, but also has among others essential nutritional and regional consequences. The aim and result indicators of sustainable development are more often of qualitative than quantitative nature. In the paper the broad concept of sustainable agribusiness has been discussed. The aim of the paper is to review scope, object, subject, aims and results of sustainable development as well as the criteria of its evaluation.(original abstract)
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