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Haghighat Navid (Shahed University, Tehran, Iran)
Airline Service Quality Evaluation: a Review on Concepts and Models
Economics, Management and Sustainability, 2017, vol. 2, nr 2, s. 31-47, rys., tab., bibliogr. 52 poz.
Jakość usług, Przemysł lotniczy, Ocena jakości usług, Modele ekonomiczne
Quality of services, Aviation industry, Service quality assessment, Economic models
JEL Classification: C30, L84, O21
This paper reviews different major service quality concept and models which led to great developments in evaluating service quality with focusing on improvement process of the models through discussing criticisms of each model. Criticisms against these models are discussed to clarify development steps of newer models which led to the improvement of airline service quality models. The precise and accurate evaluation of service quality needs utilizing a reliable concept with comprehensive criteria and effective measurement techniques as the fundamentals of a valuable framework. In this paper, service quality models improvement is described based on three major service quality concepts, the disconfirmation, performance and hierarchical concepts which are developed subsequently. Reviewing various criteria and different measurement techniques such a statistical analysis and multi-criteria decision making assist researchers to have a clear understanding of the development of the evaluation framework in the airline industry. This study aims at promoting reliable frameworks for evaluating airline service quality in different countries and societies due to economic, cultural and social aspects of each society. (original abstract)
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