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Jain Niraj (The Copperbelt University-Zambia), Chileshe Roy A. (The Copperbelt University-Zambia), Muwowo Francis M (The Copperbelt University-Zambia), Mwewa Mambwe (ZESCO Limited-Zambia)
Perception Effects of High Voltage Transmission (HVT) Lines on Residential Property Values: Cases of Chalala, Libala South and Kamwala South Areas of Lusaka City-Zambia
Real Estate Management and Valuation, 2019, vol. 27, iss. 3, s. 31-41, bibliogr. 54 poz.
Dystrybucja energii elektrycznej, Energia elektryczna, Rynek nieruchomości, Ceny nieruchomości
Electric power distribution, Electric power, Real estate market, Real estate prices
JEL Classification: Q51, R32, K11.
Although several recent studies have shown how high voltage transmission (HVT) lines affect property values, no work has been undertaken in Zambia. This paper explores if there is a prima facie relationship between HVT lines and residential property values in Zambia. A priori evidence shows a paradox, with many new developments springing up in areas of high concentrations of HVT lines though residents vehemently complain about the mal-effects of HVT lines. Why then should land perceived to be inferior or "stigmatized" attract new developments? It is against this background that the householders' perceptions of HVT lines are explored and the resulting effects on property values ascertained. A household survey was conducted in the Chalala, Libala South and Kamwala South areas of Lusaka city where developments have been undertaken around HVT Lines. The study also examined the statistical relationship of distances from HVT line with residential property values. Results show residential property values rise with increasing distance from the HVT line. It is recommended that the statutory wayleave distances should be raised to at-least 100 meters from the existing 31 meters for a 132kV line. It is further recommended that the regional wayleave guidelines currently in use should be made national.(original abstract)
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