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Grześ Anna (University of Bialystok, Poland)
The Measurement of Labour Productivity in the Enterprise Sector: the Example of Poland
Optimum : Economic Studies, 2019, nr 4(98), s. 44-55, tab., bibliogr. s. 54-55
Wydajność pracy, Zatrudnienie, Koszty pracy, Sektor przedsiębiorstw
Labour efficiency, Employment, Labour costs, Manufacturing sector
JEL Classification: J24, J21, J30, L70, L80
Purpose - The aim of this paper is to present the indicators of labour productivity and dilemmas related to their interpretation. The paper examines the level of this phenomenon in the enterprise sector within the Polish economy. Research method - The measurement of labour productivity in the enterprise sector will be made using the indicators calculated on the basis of available data from the national statistics of the Central Statistical Office in the years 2005-2017 and the unpublished data from the years 2005-2013. Results - The theoretical considerations on labour productivity have shown that a set of available indicators should be used and complemented with the index of technical equipment. The labour productivity in the enterprise sector was varied. In the years 2005-2017 it grew quite dynamically until 2013, however after this year it clearly decreased. Since 2014 there has been a more rapid increase in the labour costs (including wages) than in terms of the labour productivity. Implications / originality / value - The majority of the previous research available focuses on one of the measures of labour productivity, which is the relation of sales revenue (or gross added value) to the number of employees. The paper includes those indicators that contributed to an ambiguously positive image of the studied phenomenon and confirmed the legitimacy of using at least several different measures. In addition, this productivity was tested at the level of the PKD 2007 sections. (original abstract)
The Library of Warsaw School of Economics
The Library of University of Economics in Katowice
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